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my little Bubba is pleased to welcome back Victoria Rose from AllAboutbabies to share her top tips to help your little one get a good night’s sleep. MLB customers get 10% off any course, plan or workshop. Find the discount code at the bottom of this blogpost.

Hello mums & dads,

My name is Victoria Rose and I am the founder of Allaboutbabies. We offer antenatal and postnatal support to parents. I am also an accredited Sleep Consultant and I am going to share with you some of my top tips to a better nights sleep. I really hope you find all my tips useful.


I often tell my antenatal clients, “give yourself 6-10 weeks off!”. Don’t worry in the first few months about creating “bad sleep habits”. Babies want to be cuddled and fed to sleep and no mum has ever spoilt a baby with too many cuddles. However, when the time is right for you, it can be very positive for your little one to develop a routine.

Babies develop their circadian rhythms (body clocks) and more mature sleeping patterns from around three months, and parents often have more success establishing structure from this point on. Once you are ready to work on routine, rather than reach for the books, to pre-prescribed routines, my advice to all parents is to discover, and work with, your baby’s own natural sleep patterns. Develop a bespoke routine that’s right for them.

Click here to read on my tips on how to develop a bespoke routine that’s right for your baby.



“My baby will only nap for 30mins” is one of the most common statements I hear from parents. 

In my Daytime Nap Blog, I answer questions such as “What type of nap schedule should my little one be on”, “How can I get my child to do a 2 hour lunchtime nap?”, and more.

Check out my Daytime Nap Blog here.



This is possibly the most underestimated part of baby/toddler sleep. How can we fall asleep when our brains are all buzzing from everything we have learnt that day?

Answer: not easily!

You can read all my advice on wind-down time here.



Sleep, along with many other aspects of your toddlers behaviour can regress when a new baby comes on the scene. We run a Second-Timers Antenatal Course and I have written up some of my top tips on supporting your toddler when they become a new sibling here.


If anyone would like any additional support or advice please feel free to contact me. I am offering 10% off any course, plan or workshop with the code MLB10.

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