Bishops Score

💫 You’d be forgiven for thinking I was talking about a chess move. Actually, I’m talking about an essential piece of info that you will need to help you decide whether the induction process is likely to be successful or whether you might be better off waiting to go into labour naturally or opting for a Caesarean – I know! Controversial 🤯

💫 The thing with induction is that sometimes it will work and sometimes, no matter how many drugs and procedures are thrown at the party, it won’t. It comes down to the fact that if the body and the baby aren’t ready for the labour process to begin, nothing is going to compel Bubba to vacate the premises!! It usually results in several days in hospital and a caesarean to boot!

💫 You will need to check with your individual hospital what they are grading out of. A score of half or above (obvs the higher the better) means the cervix is ‘favourable’ and the process should work relatively quickly. A score of half or less could mean the process will take a long time, involve lots of drugs and end up in surgery.

The Bishops Score is based on the findings of a vaginal examination and the assessment of several factors, including:
☀️how dilated (open) the cervix is (the more open the better)
☀️how short the cervix is (the shorter the better)
☀️how far down in the pelvis is the baby’s head (the lower down the better)
☀️the position of the cervix, whether pointing backwards or forwards (pointing forwards is better)

💫 Remember if your situation was a real emergency, you would be having a caesarean before you could even say the word. If induction is being suggested, it is likely you have time to discuss options. Exercise that right people 👊

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