Frequently Asked Questions about Travel

Can I carry liquid baby food, prepared milk, soya milk, rice milk or sterilised water through security?
Yes, if you are travelling with a baby or a toddler you can carry a reasonable amount of liquid (up to 2L) and liquidised food for the baby or toddler for your journey.
To assist security screening, please do not carry these items in a flask. Spare supplies must be packed in your hold baggage.
You can either carry the liquids as part of your liquid bag allowance in which case the standard liquid rules apply or alternatively separately in containers over 100ml. Following x-ray screening, security officers may also need to carry out additional checks on these items.
You can buy ready-to-drink formula milk in the airport shops after security. Boots sells formula in 250ml and 500ml sizes. If you’re worried about availability, you can reserve formula by emailing the airport directly.

– Verified by BA, Simone, Customer Service

Can I take my child’s pushchair to the departure gate?
Yes, you can take a pushchair, pram or buggy all the way to the gate.
Your child will have to come out for a while when you reach security so we can check the buggy.
Arrangements for carrying pushchairs on aircraft and returning them afterwards depend on your airline and destination, so please check before you fly.

– Verified by BA, Simone, Customer Service

Can I take my car seat on the plane?
Keep in mind that carrying your car seat on a plane is only possible if you have bought your child a seat. If your child is ticketed as a lap child you will have to gate check your car seat no matter how many empty seats you think are on the flight.
A baby who will be sitting on your lap may bring one (1) changing bag, one (1) buggy/stroller and one (1) car seat.

Checking a child safety seat will not count towards your checked baggage allowance and there is no additional fee.

A baby who has their own seat will have their own allowance, similar to adults.

– Verified by Virgin, Michael, Customer Service

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