Our Story

Shopping pre-birth –

go into a shop, ask questions. Do research online, browse hundreds of products and choose the best one after extensive research. Enjoyable, therapeutic, time-consuming.

Shopping post-birth –

go online, faced with hundreds of products. Try to do research. Baby wakes up: feed, clean up, do house chores, feed, clean up, exhausted. Don’t know what to buy. Give up and buy whatever is easiest. It may or may not work.

You’ll most likely recognize the above or some sort of variation, and if you don’t, we are in awe of you! We realised that with a baby, even those that loved shopping find it becomes a bit of a chore. And the amount of products out there in each category is mind-boggling.

Our solution is to do the research for you – we only stock products which have been proved useful through our parent testers, our own experience or the experience of our network of ante-natal specialists, maternity nurses or specialists in baby/toddler care.

In this way we stock only a few items in each category, with clear differences between the items, so you can trust that whatever you buy from us will be useful. We also make a point of sourcing and highlighting the best products made for mums by mums – after all, if parents have made them for their babies, you know that they will be useful!

The Parent Review

Where a product has a parent review, that product has been sent to a parent to thoroughly test over a 4 week period – they tell us their opinions in detail, including first impressions, last impressions, what they love, what they don’t like and how useful they found it. Only if the item passes this review do we stock it on our site. In that way, we know that the products we stock will be used and,more importantly, will be useful, to parents.

If you want to become a tester for us, please email us at info@mylittlebubba.co.uk.

The Team

We (Sagar and Shreena) are a team in life as well as in business (how cheesy!), and we are parents to a beautiful little girl.

Becoming parents changed our life forever, not least because Shreena was the ultimate shopaholic pre-birth, but she quickly realised post-birth how difficult it was – we realised we had wasted a lot of money buying items which seemed cool pre-birth but which were not useful post-birth, and there was much, much less time post-birth to do research on the overwhelming choice of products on sale. 

And so, my little Bubba was born – it is named after our little one (we call her “little bubba”) and we want to help parents out there to buy items which will actually be useful for them,  and to bring to their attention to the really good products which have been made by other mums for mums.

The Blog

We have a blog on the website, through which we shall be sharing our experiences and thoughts – there are thousands of blogs out there on parenthood, so our blog is intended to be quick reads that hopefully you can relate to.

We want the blog to be relevant and interesting to you – to reflect your experiences, your thoughts, your opinions.  Therefore, if you want to write about something, please do get in touch with us at info@mylittlebubba.co.uk. We would love to publish your posts about your experiences as parents.


And finally, we are proud of our little business, but we always want to do better. If you have any feedback, positive or constructive, please please please do let us know at info@mylittlebubba.co.uk.

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