Planning a Baby Shower

We can’t believe that it is almost a year ago that we first started planning a baby shower for our little bubba.

It was by no means an easy feat, but after a lot of thought and planning, we had a truly memorable day at our home.

Our challenge was to keep a crowd of 50 people (dropping in and out of our house) entertained. The ages of our guests ranged from 1 to 45+!

Here is the lowdown on what worked for us:

1. Keep it personal: We wanted everyone to feel a part of the celebrations. We invested in a fun Polaroid camera (now back in fashion(!): ) and a bespoke Instagram frame from Etsy , a friend of ours took Polaroid snaps of guests striking a pose behind the Instagram frame as they arrived. Each guest then stuck their photo into a message book and left messages for us and our little bubba. It was not only a great memory for us, but we were surprised at how many people loved the Polaroid effect and asked for another photo to take home.

2. Keep it fun: This is easier said than done. There are so many baby shower games online and not all are designed for big crowds. We decided to mix, match and create our own:

(a) Guess the baby food: We bought five different types of baby food jars and cute Tommee Tippee spoons. We emptied each jar in to a small bowl (numbered 1-5). When guests had a quiet moment, they had the chance to taste the food in the bowls, and write their guesses on a sheet of paper. They folded up their answers into a basket and a friend of ours checked through the winning entries towards the end of the event.

(b) Baby Family Fortunes: Exactly what it says on the tin. We split guests into four teams. At the start of each round, two teams went head to head with a “fastest finger first” question such as “What was the most popular boy’s name in 2015?”. The round then progressed to a game involving only baby-related questions (e.g. popular nursery rhymes, four things a newborn needs etc). This got everyone’s competitive juices flowing, regardless of whether they had babies or not!

(c) Baby Pub Quiz: We designed a pub quiz With a music round (think Disney classics), anagram round (jumbled up baby names), “price-is-right” round (the price of most popular products) and a lucky dip round (random baby related trivia). We put together a Powerpoint presentation connected to the TV and two friends hosted the quiz. We started the quiz later in the day, and served cocktails and mocktails at that point, so as to keep it fun for all. It didn’t need to be fancy, but the key was to keep it fun and all-inclusive! If you are interested in our pub quiz Powerpoint, let us know and we can send you a copy!

3. Keep it handsfree: We would highly recommend using an external caterer or shop-bought food. People are there to attend your event, so you should ensure that you only have minimal time in the kitchen.
We used the excellent Dessert Corner who prepared pizzas, chips and salads fresh on our premises. Even if an external caterer does not appeal to you, we have previously bought large sandwich platters from Subway and Costco which have gone down a treat.

4. Keep it sweet: People don’t expect a full sit-down meal at a baby shower, so if you can manage light snacks (as suggested above), we think that the piece-de-resistance will really be the cakes. We used Jilly’s Cupcake House. Jilly prepared a lovely assortment of pink and blue iced cupcakes with different motifs of baby toys. The cakes were delicious and eye-catching, but the best part was that all of Jilly’s proceeds go to charity (the A-T Society; Jilly’s Cupcake House).

We had a great day, and hope that these tips help you plan a memorable shower too! Get in touch if you have any questions 🙂

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