Trio of Books: (1) Fiction, (2) Emotion and (3) Inspiration (Age: 3.5yrs+)

Price £21.60

  • We have hand selected these for 3.5yrs+
  • Choose one book from each category 
  • Each book will give you different talking points with your little one 
  • See below a link to find out more about each individual book
  • Save 10% by purchasing the bundle rather than buying the books individually 
  • Save 20% for a limited time (usually 10%)


An ideal selection of books aimed at 3.5yrs+, hand-selected by us to provide an informative and different variety for you to read with your little one.

We have chosen 3 categories of books within the bundle: One category relates to fiction, one to emotions and one to inspiration; Each book will provide you with many talking points and interesting perspectives for your little one. For each book, we have inserted a link below to a fuller description of each book.  




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