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  • One size fits all single prams, carrycots, pushchairs, buggies (3 and 4 wheel), strollers & travel systems with hoods
  • Protects baby from up to 97.5% of UV rays. The soft mesh window filters 80% of UV rays and opens fully for easy access to baby.
  • It’s perfect for holidays, days out, exercising with the buggy, popping to the shops or just when you want to keep the sun from getting in your baby’s eyes
  • Made from a double layer of breathable, lightweight and stretchy mesh fabric which allows air to circulate,
    Provides protection not just from sun, but also from wind, chill and insects when the central panel is closed or in sleep mode
  • Deluxe version has sleek silver fabric, the world’s only certified poppers (instead of velcro), fully opening front panels and integrated front pockets to store the snooze panel when not in use
  • Lightweight, easy to attach with stretchy straps and elasticated sides. Approved by the Melanoma International Foundation

Parents use words like ‘lifesaver’ and godsend’ to describe their SnoozeShade when Snoozeshade asked over 300 of their customers, 9 out of 10 said they would recommend to a friend.

The fabric is a specially designed air-permeable mesh (this means air can pass through) and much safer than a blanket or similar items. There are no long straps and all materials used are tested to withstand the same treatment as a toy to ensure they are as safe as possible. You can tell it’s designed by a mum.Difference between Snoozeshade

Original and Snoozeshade Deluxe Plus: The Deluxe Plus:

  • has poppers on the straps rather than Velcro
  • has double front panels which (i) open fully and (ii) allow baby to look out (even with the first panel closed, whereas the Snoozeshade Original provides one layer of complete darkness which does not allow baby to look out
  • is a lustruous grey with black trim rather than black with green trim.



About Snoozeshade

Cara’s daughter Holly needed her sleep ever since she was tiny. Cara had a tough pregnancy and was in a wheelchair until Holly was three months old and so, once Cara was able to walk again, getting out into the fresh air was a priority. Cara also had a spell of post-natal depression and her doctor’s advice was “get out of the house, meet friends and take some exercise”.

When Holly was tiny, a walk to the shops in her buggy was easy as she slept deeply and often. As she got older and became more alert, it became harder for her to switch off and she’d fight her nap when they were out – the world was an exciting place and she didn’t want to miss a minute.

Cara did what many parents did, hanging blankets, coats, and pegging muslins to the pram’s hood to hide the world away from her alert child. Sometimes these make-do efforts worked but when they didn’t she ended up with a grumpy little girl who didn’t want her tea and didn’t sleep well at night.

Cara noticed other parents with blankets draped over their prams. Most of her friends did the same thing when they met up. They fed the babies and at naptime they tried to help them sleep by hanging muslins, blankets and cardigans over the front of the pram – with varying degrees of success.

Manoeuvring up and down kerbs could be an experience as the things they had positioned slid off or blew away – resulting in a wide-awake and grumpy baby.

Cara realised what she needed was a blackout blind for her pram. She started to hunt around to find a suitable product somewhere. Mosquito, cat and insect nets let in too much light. Sun shades were too bulky and baby could still see out so couldn’t switch off. There didn’t seem to be anything that blocked out enough light, was portable and conveniently small enough to keep on hand for when it was needed.

One day, Cara rather foolishly said to a few friends that someone should invent something – so they said ‘go on then’.

The Snoozeshade was launched in March 2010 and is now on sale around the world and helps parents from London to Sydney ensure they have a happy well rested baby.

So that’s how SnoozeShade was born and Cara hope it helps make your life easier too.

Why We Love It

This is one of the best products that a parent could have, in our opinion. We started using it on holiday and it literally transformed our holiday – rather than eating in our room while our little bubba slept in her cot, we were able to go out for dinner in the evenings with our little bubba safely and deeply asleep in her buggy. During the day it really helped keep our little one safe from the sunlight.

Since our holiday, we use this pretty much every time we go out, be it during the day or in the evening. It allows us to create a dark, comfortable and, most importantly, safe environment for our little bubba to have a nap while we do errands, meet up for lunch or dinner, or travelling anywhere.

We love the Deluxe Plus verison as the front mesh opens fully, which allows our little bubba to look out at the world – which she loves to do! – making journeys in the buggy much easier. As it opens fully, it means we can leave it on our buggy all the time, and just zip it up when we are in a sunny area, or when it is nap time.

We cannot recommend this strongly enough – it is not dramatic to say that it did change our lives and means we can, and do, get out so much more.

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2 reviews for Snoozeshade Plus Deluxe

  1. My Little Bubba

    Parent Review

    Nimisha & Shyam

    Overall: The quality was of a very high standard…it was very useful and I love the fact that it is compatible on both our everyday pushchair and our travel buggy. I used it daily on holiday and will continue to use it when I am back home. It was ideal for taking to hot places during the day to protect our little one from the sun, and was especially useful in the evening when we wanted to go out for dinner as there is a black-out mesh. 100% recommended.

  2. My Little Bubba

    Parent Verdict

    Nimisha & Shyam

    Anything to watch out for: Nothing

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