Social Club 2021

Did you labour during lockdown? If so, I’ve got something especially for you.
Introducing a new virtual social club for mums who are due in 2021. Grab a hot chocolate, tea (or even a glass of wine!) and join us every Monday 8.15-9pm for a chat. It won’t cost you a penny!
Entering motherhood in itself can be a lonely time but this was amplified with lockdown – antenatal classes went virtual; baby groups were cancelled and friends and family support units weren’t able to visit. I bet it certainly wasn’t the experience you had in mind when you saw the lines appear on your pregnancy test!
Some of you may know that I too gave birth last year. So, in a bid to try and rescue what’s left of my maternity leave I’m trying something new here and hope you’ll join me. There’s no real agenda…we might chat, play some games, have a little moan, share some advice – both about babies and life itself (Netflix recommendations perhaps?) – and hopefully laugh a little and look forward to brighter days ahead.

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