Travelling Abroad with your Baby

You’ve welcomed your little one into the world – a job well done! Just when you thought the hard part is over, but its actually only just started! It might seem pointless and unnecessary but try and apply for a passport for your little one as soon as you can! You will reap the benefits later when you eventually decide to go away! If you can manage try to get a holiday in before you start weaning so that you don’t need to worry as much!


Before you’ve even booked your tickets, it’s a good idea to think about what travel times would work best for your little one. For example, peak train times tend to be a bit hectic and space can be at a premium. If you’re flying, you might want to try and go overnight, as this will hopefully mean baby sleeps most of the way.

Until your baby is two years old, they do not require a seat. They will need to sit on your knee. The cabin crew will give you an extender seat belt to secure them in with you. Some long-haul flights provide a carrycot but depending on the size of your baby they can be a bit small. If your little one has outgrown the carrycot then you will need a back up plan if your baby is not used to sleeping on you. There is a product called…which you can look at.

Feeding Times
While there are strict restrictions on carry-on liquids for flights, you can take as much baby food, milk and formula as you need. You’ll be allowed through security with:

• Expressed milk, cow’s milk or formula

• Boiled water (it has to be in a baby bottle)

• Baby food/snacks

Feeding during take-off and landing can ease pressure on baby’s ears too so try and time it accordingly if you can. If your baby is a guzzler and finishes their milk quickly then carry one bottle with one teat size down from your regular teat to ensure the baby drinks slowly during take off and landing.

You will need to put all food pouches and the milk bottles in plastic bags to make going through security easier so make sure you pick up plenty on your way to security.

Hand luggage
I get asked this question all the time so!
Luggage restrictions do make packing for trips a little tricky. However, planning ahead and tucking these small things in your handbag can make the journey much easier:

• A few little toys

• A favourite blanket or sleeping bag for baby to sleep

• A change of clothes (for you and baby)

• Nappies, nappy sacks and wipes in a small in a separate bag

• Muslins

• Enough food and formula (pack more in case of delays)

• A sling or carrier for moving around on-board

• A bottle of Calpol which you can buy from Boots once you pass security


Airlines generally allow you to carry at least a pushchair and child car seat for free in the hold as an addition to your baggage allowance, but check with your airline before you fly. You can usually keep the pushchair with you until boarding, airline crew will fold it and put it in the hold for the flight. A bag or case for the pushchair is better as its easier to carry, can be labelled easily at check-in and will prevent your pushchair from getting damaged (as lets face it, aircraft crew aren’t exactly gentle!)

Finally – do try to enjoy! Remember the sun makes everything seem better but at the same time do not have unrealistic expectations, as a holiday post baby isn’t quite the same!!

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