What is a peanut ball?

It’s your gym balls funny shaped cousin!

You can use one during labour and birth to keep your pelvis mobile whilst you are in reclining resting positions.

We highly recommend this if you will be taking an epidural. Why? Lying on your side with top leg supported by a peanut ball will hell your whole move and rotate through your pelvis more easily and creates more room in the pelvis to help your baby manoeuvre through.

The biggest benefit of a peanut ball is that it can reduce the need for a caesarean if you have an epidural because it enables baby to move through pelvis much more easily!

You can ask your hospital if they have one available.


To sum up:

  • Enables rest and relaxation
  • Opens the pelvis
  • Offers alternative positions
  • Useful in all environment
  • Essential for an epidural 

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